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Little Dragons is a program with your five and six year-old in mind. In this class we work on listening, focus, balance, coordination, and following directions. This class will prepare them for our regular Taekwondo classes, but more importantly to gain real life skills they can use everyday! Contact us if you would like to hear more about our Little Dragons program.

Our objective is to help children improve in each of the following areas:

  • Sincerity, Respect & Self-control

  • Individual Effort & Self-confidence

  • Character & Self-esteem

  • Concentration

KIDS | AGES 7-12

At Lang’s Martial Arts we realize that the ability of a child to defend himself/herself is important, but far more important are the tools the child will need to develop into a well-rounded adult. Therefore, children learn respect,courtesy and self-control while participating in a versatile and fun exercise program. As students of the martial arts, children build confidence and self-esteem while they progress through the program. Each of these characteristics improves attitude and grades.

As children successfully accomplish their goals and reach for new ones, their confidence level grows and their self-esteem is enhanced. As part of our program, we have included visible rewards which include different colored belts that are symbols of ever increasing levels of expertise in the martial arts. However, even more important than the tangible rewards is the encouragement to continue when things seem difficult and the acknowledgement of goals reached. Each of these elements enhance the child’s character and contributes to his or her own self worth.


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