Our teen classes are a great way to get in shape, to keep in shape, or to get into even better shape. Our classes are a total body workout that includes flexibility, strength and plyometric training. They help release the stress of everyday life and help you become more productive in everything you do. This class emphasizes some of the more practical elements of Taekwondo training as well as offering the excitement of sparring. For those students who are interested, we offer opportunities to compete in tournaments.


Combat cyber and other bullying by building self-confidence

In a 2014 study conducted by The Associated Press NORC Center for Public Affairs, 49% of nearly 1,300 of young people between the ages of 14 and 24 admitted to having experienced digital abuse. Bullying is still a major problem affecting millions of kids and teenagers throughout the country. Finding ways to deal with abuse from peers is critical for students to be able to get through school.


In martial arts, everyone is treated equally regardless of size or gender. Because of this, students face a wide range of opponents. This array of opponents can help build self-confidence because you may be fighting someone that is bigger or stronger than yourself. Sparring with opponents, learning skills, and achieving goals all give students a sense of accomplishment and confidence.


One of the core values of martial arts is respect. This respect is not just for your Instructor but also for yourself, your fellow classmates, and everything around you. Learning to have respect for things, no matter what, can help develop control and balance as well. For teens, learning respect will help in all aspects of their lives, be it school, friends, or a new job. It helps people of all ages to establish a sense of dignity and well-being.

Learn Taekwondo to stop bullying

No student likes to be bullied and it can often be easier to get in a child’s head if they feel helpless against those who are picking on them. Taking part in some Taekwondo training can fix this problem and give students some confidence to stand up to their bullies.

Build Social Skills

This one is a less obvious benefit of learning martial arts, especially for teens. Being able to control one’s own emotions in social situations is something that many teens struggle with. Taekwondo can help develop this sense of self control. Many instructors have the philosophy that if you can learn to control your body absolutely, you can also learn to control your mind and emotion in the same way. Developing this skill as a young teen will carry over into adult life. The detailed control learned in Taekwondo helps students to understand how they completely control their own actions and can then learn to manipulate their thoughts and emotions effectively.


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